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A Deeper Look at Bystander Behavior

by Magda Beatriz Berkowitz, M.A. and Alan Berkowitz, Ph.D.

You see a situation that bothers you and you wonder if you should do something. You are now having the experience of being a “bystander.” Where does this desire to act come from? To answer this question we must ask yet another question – a question that is often overlooked because we think that we know the answer. “Who am I?” In other words, to know where our deepest impulses come from – our desire to help others, to do the “right thing”, to not be a bystander, and in many cases to go against what we have been taught from parents, family and culture – we must look deep within ourselves to seek their origin.

The Phenomenon of Crop Circles

by Alan Berkowitz (Micha-El)

The world’s sacred traditions speak of multiple levels of existence above our three-dimensional world, and to beings within each of these levels that populate them. This is a common feature of many systems, including Hinduism, Neo-Platonism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Christianity. These beings from higher levels are capable of intervening in the life of humans and of assisting the evolution of Planet Earth. For example, in the Western religion (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) scriptures and mystics speak of Angels and Archangels, with many recorded instances of their presence and influence among us.

Spiritual Service and the Inner Meaning of “Temple”

by Alan Berkowitz
Presented at the World Brotherhood Union Panel
November 1, 2007 – Istanbul, Turkey


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

It is a great honor to stand before you as fellow “Spiritual Searchers” here in this land that has been home to so many sacred traditions, temples, and lovers of wisdom – teachers and teachings who have inspired my search and shaped my thinking.  Today I want to talk with you about the inner meaning of “Temple” and what it means to be a world-server.  To serve the divine plan we must become temples where the divine lives.  By temple, I mean any place where the sacred dwells.  I will also introduce you to the work of my own spiritual community – Wisdom’s Goldenrod Center for Philosophic Studies, in the United States.  I offer you my sincere thanks for inviting me to be here with you now.

The Multi-Dimensionality of the Human Being

by Beatriz Berkowitz

“Healing is always linked to the expansion of consciousness” - Jose Trigueirinho Neto

The human being is a very complex being composed of many levels and dimensions.  We could even say that it is a mysterious being, as is the macrocosm that surrounds it.  The human being as a microcosm reflects in itself the macrocosm.  They are interconnected and in relationship to each other.   From this interaction life is created and the human being has the opportunity to discover itself as a cosmic being, resolving in this way the enigma of human existence.