Paul Brunton

... the ultimate goal is to discover that there is but one reality, of which we are all but a part, that the separateness of the personal ego is but superficial, and that TRUTH
is evidenced by the consciousness of unity.  The first fruit of such discovery is necessarily the dedication of life to the service of all creatures, to incessant service for universal welfare." (Realizing Soul)

The central point of this quest is the inner opening of the ego's heart to the Overself  (Perspectives)

In your innermost being you are already as divine as you are ever likely to be. Hence,no interior training can give you what you already possess, but a suitable training can give you the consciousness of what you possess. (Instructions for Spiritual Living)

Mountains are traditionally associated with initiation.  A mountain knows how to remain quiet, it is a perfect symbol of stillness…To go up a mountain is symbolically to enter that condition of complete inner silence stillness, wherein initiation becomes possible.   (Unpublished)


From Volume 16 of the Notebooks, Enlightened Mind, Divine Mind

“We are not God. Yet we can approach God so intimately, be suffused by His presence so completely, that the first mystic to call this state “ union with God” may be excused. The telepathic closeness which sometimes exists between two separated lovers, relatives, or friends is a slight hint of the telepathic closeness which exists between the harmonized human ego and its divine soul. 

“The God in the sun is the `I' in me"--this put tersely is the essence of man's relationship to divinity. A whole book may be needed to explain it, a whole lifetime to get direct experience of its truth as insight.”

“It might well be said that I am connected with God on the one hand, with the world on the other hand, but both connections are highly ingenious inventions. God is literally in me. His "I" makes my "I" possible. My own sense of being is immersed in God's archetypal thought.”

“The soul in us, the Overself, is linked with, or rooted in, the soul in the universe, the World-Mind.”

“Thus the World-Mind originates our experience for us but we ourselves mold it. It supplies the karmic-forces material and we as individuals supply the space-time shape which this material takes. Thus there is a union of the individual with the universal.”

“If he refuses to seek and cling to the human personality of any master but resolves to keep all the strength of his devotion for the divine impersonal Self back of his own, that will not bar his further progress. It, too, is a way whereby the goal can be successfully reached. But it is a harder way.”

“Socrates got his wisdom from within himself. He had no master.”

“The teachings of Jesus were not based on any of the ancient doctrines--that is, those of the Jews, Egyptians, or Indians. They were entirely Self-inspired.”

“It is surprising how widely people have ignored Jesus' message ("The kingdom of heaven is within you") when its meaning is so clear, its phrasing so strong.”

“It would be a grave error to believe that when philosophy says that the divine dwells in everything, it dwells equally in everything.”