José Trigueirinho Netto

Trigueirinho (1931-2018), a Brazilian spiritual teacher and author, is well-known throughout South America, where his 81 books and over 3,000 recorded lectures are available in Spanish and Portuguese.  Early in his career as a spiritual teacher he met Paul Brunton, who spoke highly of him and his work, and who provided an important impulse to Trigueirinho’s inner and outer development, and Trigueirinho frequently refers to PB in his lectures and books.  In addition to his literary work, Trigueirinho is the founder of the Community of Light Figueira in Brazil (which serves as a model for similar residential spiritual communities in South American and Europe), a co-founder of the Grace-Mercy Order (an esoteric Christian monastic order of monks and nuns) and of the Fraternity International Humanitarian Foundation.  Trigueirinho is unique in emphasizing the relation of spiritual principles to significant contemporary topics such as: the relation to humanity to the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms and humanity’s role as spiritual stewards of them; the importance of recognizing Indigenous wisdom teachings and their relevance to our stewardship of the Earth; and the negative collective karma associated with both the Indigenous holocaust and slavery.  He also provided instruction about important sacred sites (i.e. “Planetary Centers”) which serve as chakras in the subtle body of the Earth, and how humanity can prepare for an impending planetary crisis.  Trigueirinho’s books are gradually being translated into English under the auspices of the Shasti Association, located in Mt. Shasta, California.

Trigeirinho asked Gran to serve as the coordinator of his work in North America and later in his life he designated us as his English language translators and publishers and the Shasti Association – for which we serve as Co-Presidents – was subsequently created for this purpose.

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